Gwendoline Krumins Art

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Please Note : This website will be closing soon.

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Pencil, pastel and oils are my mediums

Travelling the world constantly, many scenes along the way provoke my imagination. Sketching and photographing throughout my journeys aid me in developing my work back in the studio. My visual memories invoke the essence that the camera was unable to capture.

The effect of light, creating shapes of shadows dappling through trees in a street scene, or panning across a figure or face always manages to inspire me. The atmosphere / mood of the painting is ultimately important to me.
Painting from life is essential for the understanding of good observations.

One day a week I work before a model. The majority of my portrait and figure studies are painted from life, except for the occasional commission which may not allow for this.

Plein air is very exciting and I find this aids my considerations when painting in the studio. Understanding the cause and effect of light and shade allows me to determine, what and how to interpret it into my work. I believe that all artists should work from life as much as possible.