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Portrait of Andrew Oil, 24" x 36"

Portrait of Andrew
Oil, 24″ x 36″

This portrait of my son Andrew was exhibited at the Victorian Artists Society in Melbourne, Australia in November 2014 in the “Artist of the Year Awards”. I won the Gordon Moffat Award which is accumulated from the most votes from the other artists in the exhibition.

The Tesbih Traders – Istanbul

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There was an article in The Age newspaper (Melbourne) Travel section just before we went to Turkey. It had a story about The Old Book Bazaar in Istanbul. When we were there,clutching the article, we went in search of what sounded a very intriguing place. Toward the end of the days’ adventures, we stumbled upon it, next to the Grand Bazaar, a tiny sign leading us up some stairs to The Old Book Bazaar. We found the stall where the photo had been taken and gave the article to the shopkeeper, he was delighted. Whilst wandering around we found a passage that led us to a courtyard beside a mosque. Here men were trading Tesbih beads (prayer beads). I caught this scene on my camera and have changed the lighting for the painting, making the man in the centre the focal point.

Inspiration from Istanbul, Turkey

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Study of a Man, Old Book Bazaar, Istanbul

Study of a Man, Old Book Bazaar, Istanbul

This was done from one of my photos from a recent trip to Turkey. I just loved the glow of his shirt in the sunlight.

Realistic Oil

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"Peter" - Oil

“Peter” – Oil

I really enjoyed doing this oil painting of my husband.  I was aiming to make it very realistic.  This work won a ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Winter Show at The Victorian Artists Society, Melbourne.

Two hour oil sketch

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Oil 2 hour sketch 16x20

2 hour sketch

This two hour oil sketch was demonstrated at the Victorian Artists Society’s Portrait Week Opening Night 2013.  Ray Wilson kindly accepted my invitation for him to sit for this quick study.  I had all sorts of problems before I began. As the spotlight was too bright to shine on anyone,  I abandoned it and had to make do with overhead lighting which didn’t create any sort of  shadow.  For a quick sketch, it is so much easier to paint a portrait if there is a source of light coming from one direction and some of the detail can be obscured within it.  The pattern of shadow automatically gives a likeness without having to paint in any features.  In this case, I concentrated on painting the subtle planes on the face before I started to finish the features.

Tea Room in Belaggio, Italy

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Oil 12x16

Here is the finished oil sketch 12 x 16.  I have let alot of the block in show through as I felt I didn’t need to over work this little painting.  I wanted to keep it looking fresh.

Male nude

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OIL 12X16Painted this little oil today (12x 16), a beautiful subject.  I used Ivory Black, Light Red, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White…..nearly a Zorn palette.

“Flower Garden”

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This painting was inspired last summer from my garden.  It was the first year I had planted hollyhocks and delphiniums and I was delighted with the results.  I used ‘artists licence’ in the background,

making the landscape flow over an endless horizon. I think I captured the splash of colour these beautiful flowers displayed.  This will be exhibited at the forthcoming Melbourne Society of Women Painters & Sculptors – Opening Night Thursday,

1st August, 2013 at the Victorian Artists Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"Flower Garden"

“Overlooking Prague”

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This painting is 12 x 16 inches in oils on linen.

Prague is a beautiful city centred around the Viltava River.  The architecture  is stunning from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque to Neo Classical, Art Nouveau and Cubist..  There is a medieval to contemporary city to explore.  It is not unlike Paris with the Seine River’s many bridges.

Block-in for Oil

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This is the monochrome block- in for a painting I’m working on at present.  I photographed this beautiful tea room in Bellagio, Italy last year.  I just happened to be walking past and the scene caught my eye.  I thought to myself, wow, I can make a painting of this.  The lighting was warm giving the room a lovely ambience.  Interiors are quite tricky with so much perspective and detail.   I don’t do any drawing, except with my paintbrush.  I work by looking for shapes and tones, starting with the big shapes first, then breaking them down.  By varying the tones in the early stage of the painting, I set the mood of how I want the painting to appear.  Keep a lookout, the final piece is only a week or so away from finished.IMG_0111