Self Portrait

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  It is quite challenging to paint oneself from a mirror, but it is also great discipline.  This is a 90 minute sketch. 

I stained the canvas with the ‘sludge’ from the bottom of my recycled turpentine jar which gave me a beautiful warm grey mid-tone  to work on.   After a little measurement and trying to hold my head in the same position, I blocked in the dark shapes and could start  to see the image appear.  I let the background grey do the work of the lights, whilst I then marked in the midtone warms.  Light shapes next then I modified a few strokes here and there.  Hope to try a few more of these, at least the model is cheap!!!

Cheers, Gwendoline

Philip Alexius de Laszlo (1869-1937)

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Johanna Ida Randelbrock 1910If you haven’t yet discovered Philip Alexius de Laszlo and you are interested in portraiture, then you better start doing some research on him, he’s brilliant. 

 De Laszlo was born in Hungary and from the age of 10 years, he was taken into various apprenticeships which gave him an unquenchable drive to succeed.  He was awarded scholarships, which took him outside of his homeland.  He came into demand for very important commissions of kings, queens, emperors, princes, princesses and many other prestigious patrons.  When John Singer Sargeant stepped down from painting portraiture, in favour of landscapes, it was Philip de Laszlo who filled his shoes.  Take a look at some of his work, he’s a real master.

Louise Wilhelmine Francoise Felicite Loudon-de Stuers 1909Jonkvrouwe Marie Adele Erneste van Loon 1901 (Chalk & Pencil on paper)

A little oil sketch…

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"Making a Plan", oil study 8"x12"

This painting will be exhibited at the 2011 Camberwell Art Show.

June 2011 – This painting was exhibited at the Melbourne Women Painters & Sculptures  102nd Exhibition held at the Victorian Artists Society and received a “Highly Commended” award.