Drawing from life….

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Pencil sketch - Olivier

Pencil sketch - James (Chef)

A work by Ted Hircock…

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Oil painting (on board) by Ted Hircock

Ted is a student of mine and I am proud to share his latest painting with you.  He has delicately handled this subject layering transparent glazes of colour.  Well done Ted.

Venice in ‘soft pastel medium’

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"Venice" (soft pastel)

  (Left: Detail)

Just finished this painting today.  I limited my palette by putting the pastels that I was using, in a separate box for the duration of the work.  I have played flecks of cool colours in the warm areas and visa versa.  I used quite an abrasive sandpaper of a mid tone grey for the foundation, this let me apply quite a bit of pastel. 

It will be exhibited at the Melbourne Women Painters & Sculptors exhibition to be held from June 27th at the Victorian Artists Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Vic. Australia.