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"To the temple" Koh Samui, Thailand - (watercolour). I really learnt alot from the watercolour above. I wanted some solid darks and rich shadows, so used a thick soupy mix of watercolour and only a little bit of water. If I wanted a soft edge, I'd wet the paper first and let it sink in till it had a sheen on the surface (not a shine). I tried not to do more than 2 washes."Koh Tao" Thailand - watercolour"To the temple" Koh Samui, Thailand - watercolour"Matthew", pencil

People Painting People 2011

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Here is the oil  painting I did of Dr Janine Kirk.  Unfortunately she was unable to sit on the planned day, so last weekend, she kindly sat for a few of us artists.  We had a lovely Sunday morning painting her portrait.