Another of Ted Hircock’s paintings

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Oil on board

 This beautiful oil study of a pale pink rhododendron was painted by Ted Hircock, who is one of my students.  I think he has really captured the delicacy of this flower.  To see the previous painting done by Ted, just scroll down this blog page.  Lovely work Ted!

Life study

Author: gwendoline  |  Category: Oil Painting

"Isadora", Oil on Belgium Linen

I did this little oil study of Isadora over the last two Fridays at the Victorian Artists Society, where a group of talented artists meet to paint and share costs of the model etc.  We have only recently been acquainted with Isadora, who holds her pose so well.  I started this piece with a dark blue outline to get the composition and proportions, then blocked in the darkest flesh tones.  I also paid attention to the blocks of darks in the surrounding background, to unify and harmonize the pattern and tones.  From here I mixed up a warm flesh and a light flesh colour and put down patches, adjusting tones as I went.  Gradually I built up some sharp highlights and looked for edges that could be said less about.

Whilst painting, I am continually trying to understand what makes a surface curve and where the curve begins.  Often these planes become exaggerated during the process, but with a fresh eye on the second sitting, tones are rectified a little closer to where they are suppose to be.  Isadora is a wonderful model and I hope to have the opportunity to paint her again.