Walking the dog – Honfleur, France

Author: gwendoline  |  Category: Oil Painting

  This oil painting was inspired from a trip I did in 2011.  I just happened upon this scene whilst strolling the streets with my camera in hand.  Honfleur is a beautiful coastal village in Normandy, France – an artists paradise.

In Honfleur, there is a museum containing many  of Eugene Boudin’s impressions of this area.  Monet, Courbet, Jongkind and Dufy all painted in and around Honfleur.  Artists have been retracing the steps of these masters for over a century, seeking that special light, tinged with the grey of silver, slate and lead.

The unique and lively port of Honfleur is a setting straight from the past and authentic in every detail.  It is very hilly around and throughout the village and fabulous views can be found along the streets and beside the waterfront.


50cm x 76cm

Tropical visions

Author: gwendoline  |  Category: Painting Trips

I’ve never enjoyed painting tropical scenes, even though I have many opportunities to be in such situations.
Hawaii has a unique landscape, strikingly different around the various islands.
On the Big Island, the scenery is spectacular, from dense tropical forests, beautiful black sand beaches, to the lava coated entrails which have desolated the mountainside and beaches.
Artwork can capture places visited or can be an interpretation through artistic vision. More than a simple geographic representation, images can echo a sense of place, conveying an essence of the location. Much of the artwork in the Hawaiian State Gallery is exactly about this, and very enjoyable.