The Tesbih Traders – Istanbul

Author: gwendoline  |  Category: Oil Painting

There was an article in The Age newspaper (Melbourne) Travel section just before we went to Turkey. It had a story about The Old Book Bazaar in Istanbul. When we were there,clutching the article, we went in search of what sounded a very intriguing place. Toward the end of the days’ adventures, we stumbled upon it, next to the Grand Bazaar, a tiny sign leading us up some stairs to The Old Book Bazaar. We found the stall where the photo had been taken and gave the article to the shopkeeper, he was delighted. Whilst wandering around we found a passage that led us to a courtyard beside a mosque. Here men were trading Tesbih beads (prayer beads). I caught this scene on my camera and have changed the lighting for the painting, making the man in the centre the focal point.

2 Responses to “The Tesbih Traders – Istanbul”

  1. marcus Says:

    wonderful understated but complicated composition. Reminiscent of the classics. Do you get many commissions?

  2. gwendoline Says:

    Hi Marcus, thank you for your comments on my art work. You asked me if I get many commissions. In reality, I prefer to paint what is inspiring me, I find commission work a little tiresome. My heart is never into someone else’s idea. I have done quite a bit of commission work in the past, and occasionally still take it on, but always seem to regret it. Im at the stage of my career that I can afford to say no. Thanks again Marcus. Cheers Gwendoline

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